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St. Croix Classics

About Us

Hi Everyone! That's me, Billy! <-------

Welcome to St. Croix Classics!

We aren’t your stereotypical dealer. We don’t even view our business as a used car dealership! We are a risk management and logistics based company; the last thing we do is sell a car.

No. Our staff hasn’t been in the industry for decades either. In fact, no one from our business is from the auto industry. We take pride in this.

Billy, our founder, has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Minnesota and was a former Commodities Trader in Kansas City. Moreover, as a lifelong entrepreneur Billy is obsessed with one word: Value. We aim to maximize value on every vehicle purchase for our customers. In addition, he is the youngest independent auto dealer and independent repair shop owner in the State of Minnesota.

Why is this significant? We are changing the game and raising the standards for all independent auto dealers.

We’ve established a unique standardized quality control process, rooted in managing and mitigating risk, for both sourcing our inventory and handling our inventory post purchase.

In our brief two years in the industry, we’ve sold over 800 cars at our small 15 car store, shipped vehicles all over the country from Alaska to New York and even Hawaii and the St. Croix Virgin Islands. Our name is Nationwide.

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